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Frankenberger Höfe

Aachen, Germany

Developed on the basis of plans drawn up by the architectural firm kadawittfeldarchitektur, Aachen’s Frankenberger Höfe is an urban residential complex that creates a modern segue from its neighbouring Frankenberg quarter, dating from Germany’s economic boom period known as the “Gründerzeit”.
The planners were especially conscious of establishing the right look on the building façades. Adopting a modern twist on the surrounding historical buildings, sections of the development were designed with mezzanine levels, different kinds of plinths, vertical windows, bay windows, cornicing, French balconies and a variety of roof ridge heights.
The planners diversified the surfaces by incorporating intricately hand-crafted areas with broom finishes and fine plaster, as well as milled boss patterns and panel elements. Original Meldorfer® products were also applied in a kind of 3D relief structure, creating an unusual effect that marked out the different plinth types on the ground-floor façades.
The result is a unique façade style whose distinctive character and detail make it truly stand out from other new-build projects.