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Earth Sciences Department

Oxford University

Airtec Glass
For a sustainable approach that offered a stylish design, we supplied the Earth Sciences Department with alsecco Airtec glass system.
alsecco Airtec glass system was specified by Wilkinson Eyre Architects for the new Earth Sciences Building at Oxford University. The Airtec glass system creates a building façade that is not only striking in appearance but that also satisfies structural and architectural demands. The high-quality system ensures excellent durability and elegance, whilst offering the architect design flexibility.
The building has been designed around a strong sustainability ethos, exceeding targets set by the local planning department for its embodied energy, which stipulates a minimum of 20% recycled materials in buildings of this type. Whether transparent, tinted or enamelled, screen printed or plain, alsecco Airtec glass ventilated rain-screen cladding system offers a wide range of design options that support a sustainable approach.
This is a very significant project for the university in the development of its science area and the architectural design of the building needed to reflect that. The Airtec glass system has enabled the design to be realised.
Colin McAuley, Project Manager, RBDML
The Airtec glass composite panels are fixed to the aluminium substructure with aluminium clips. Ceramic discs are attached to the base and have been specifically designed to transmit the load from the panel to the clips. The system is technically proven and thermally-efficient and offers intrinsic weathering properties and resistance to impact and airborne dirt. The system can combine bespoke panel sizes and offers a vast array of colour options with carefully co-ordinated design and intricate interface detailing.