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Enderby Wharf

Greenwich, London

Airtec Glass
alsecco Airtec glass ventilated rain-screen cladding system offers more than just a thermally-efficient, watertight option. It’s also aesthetically very pleasing.
Enderby Wharf is a large mixed-use residential development on Greenwich Peninsular overlooking the Thames. One of the main elements of this large scheme is the construction of four apartment blocks overlooking the river.
alsecco Airtec glass ventilated rain-screen cladding system was specified for the riverside façades of the apartments to fulfil HLM Architectural Design Group’s design criteria.
We were pleased to contribute towards a design that brought architecture and the natural landscape together so harmoniously.
Ben Parry, Managing Director, alsecco UK Ltd
Capable of creating a gently undulating façade in randomised cool colours to emulate the light’s reflection on water, the Airtec glass system could also technically deliver the requirements of the façade in terms of performance, structure and buildability.
The detailed design of the façade was developed in conjunction with M Price Ltd, specialist ventilated rainscreen installer, who proposed alsecco Airtec glass system as a cost-effective alternative to the original unitised façade system. The Airtec glass system has a unique hidden fixing system, which meant that the aesthetics of the design could be realised, creating elegant and sophisticated façades that have a purity of architectural form.