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Ernst Murjahn and his son Eduard of the Hamburg export and import trading company “Ernst Murjahn & Son” acquire rights for mining manganese in the Odenwald region of Germany. In the following soil analysis Eduard Murjahn stumbles on hornblende, an important mineral of the amphibole group.


Eduard Murjahn concludes on behalf of “Ernst Murjahn & Son” the first mining contracts for working mineral deposits. In 1889 he founds the “Deutschen Amphibolin-Werke von Eduard Murjahn” and then begins with the manufacture of paint and plaster powders and anti-rust paints.


Robert Murjahn, son of Eduard Murjahn, develops a plaster powder paint based on lime and chalk. In 1894 the powder receives an honorary diploma at an exhibition in Kiel and is awarded a gold medal.


Robert Murjahn founded the company “Deutsche Amphibolin-Werke von Robert Murjahn” in Ober-Ramstadt in 1895.


Dr. Robert Murjahn develops the aqueous dispersion binder “Caparol” with the aid of which the decorator can produce the required paint himself from pigments and fillers.


The first thermal insulation composite systems are developed and Disbon GmbH is founded for producing building protection products.


alsecco is founded in Gerstungen, Germany. Specialising in minerlic plasters and render products.


The first ETICS (EWI) systems are installed. And they still remain today!


DAW announed Germany’s largest manufacturer of dispersion paints.


The first Capatect ETICS systems are installed in Berlin, Germany.


The striped elephant becomes the new company logo for Caparol. It is presented for the first time at the “Paint” exhibition in Munich.


alsecco UK is incorporated and the first installs in London follow just months later.


Europe’s most modern dispersion paint factory is put into operation at the company headquarters in Ober-Ramstadt. The 46-metre high silo tower for raw materials is a visible symbol of this expansion.


The facade specialist, alsecco, becomes part of the DAW corporate family and supplements the performance spectrum of the Group as a direct supplier in the property business.


Founding of the Dr. Robert Murjahn Institute for quality inspection for internal and external customers as well as for consultancy on matters of environmental protection and healthy living.


DAW is a founding member of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB).


alsecco UK supply their first Rainscreen; Portsmouth Ferry Terminal.


DAW receives the “Top 100 Quality Seal” as one of the 100 most innovative German companies. The DAW day nursery “Rüsselbande” is opened.


The Sustainability Advisory Board is founded.


The renaming as DAW SE is completed. In the course of this, the new DAW company logo is introduced which, as a stylised bucket with handle, indicates the basis of our success: our high-quality products.


New DAW Management board introduced.


New headquarters opens.