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Festuca House

East Village (Olympic Village), London

Airtec Stone
For this noteworthy project, Airtec stone offered the ideal solution. Both sleek to look at, but also thermally-efficient and waterproof, it had everything required.
Airtec stone provided a striking finish for athlete accommodation for this high-rise block at the Olympic Village. Each block was designed with a different finish and theme, with the stone panels for this block providing subtle colour impact against the plain stone.
This block has now been remodelled inside to create luxury apartment accommodation as part of East Village, which will provide a mix of low-cost and private residential housing, within a community that will see a combination of offices, shops, schools and a health centre.
Airtec stone offers a sleek aesthetic to the exterior of this noteworthy building, as well as a number of properties making it a comfortable place to live. We were thrilled to be involved in the Olympic Village.
Ben Parry, Managing Director, alsecco UK Ltd
Howarth Tompkins were the architects for this project and identified the many benefits of using Airtec stone. It has a number of different design options and enables the client to pick from a range of sizes, stones and shapes.
Lightweight and sophisticated, it can be fixed to the substructure without any visible fixing elements. It can also be installed overhead through the use of invisible fixings. It is also weather-resistant and frost-resistant, with fantastic thermal properties thanks to the use of mineral wool insulation. It is also fire-resistant, which is especially important in residential blocks.