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Potsdam-Golm University, Germany

Airtec Glass
Airtec Stone
With its striking façade of printed glass and dark natural stone, this new building designed by Berlin-based architects Staab clearly stands out from its surroundings.
An elegant combination of textures and colour, the new library at Potsdam-Golm university has been finished with both Airtec glass and Airtec stone for a unique and contrasting aesthetic. The façade pattern consists of natural stone panels cut to different sizes with a surface layer of “Angola Black Moonlight“ black granite, bonded to a base of lightweight concrete.
The distinguished appearance was achieved by alternating a polished surface with a satin leather finish. The system that has been used is elegant, lightweight and ventilated – plus a great rain-screen option. It is also thermally-efficient and easy to install without visible attachments.
The Airtec system offered an excellent technical basis for combining glass and stone. The stone textures printed onto glass provide glare reduction whilst also blending perfectly with the natural stone panels.
Per Pedersen, Managing Director of Staab Architects, Berlin
As an exciting contrast to the façade, the architects selected predominantly light colours for the interior, accentuated with a restrained design concept with the emphasis on the materials used. The whole project covered 6,000m2 in total with sophisticated system technology installed throughout.