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Windsor Resort Hotel

Alprotect Carbon
At alsecco, we’re proud to work with a number of high-profile brands including LEGOLAND – a colourful, vibrant project bringing dreams to life for hundreds.
Our anti-crack Flexewall Lite render and paint system was chosen by Allison Pike Partnership for the newly-opened LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort Hotel. It was the only system able to reproduce the variety of colours specified by the client and provide the product guarantee for the complete system. It comes highly recommended and is used in a wide variety of our projects for the fact it is both cost-effective and highly efficient. It is ideally suited for smoother substrates, lightweight masonry or AAC blockwork.
The exterior façade of the hotel was required to be colourful and playful, mirroring the amazing entrance and the imaginatively-themed bedrooms and interior. alsecco TZ1, Primer P, Miratect S, Thermosan and Amphibolin paints in a range of specified colours were used to ensure a premium, durable and impact-resistant finish, whilst guaranteeing an exact colour match. Attached to the substrate was a sub primer HT or P. This was then followed with Armatop L or Basecoat W and a universal mesh, followed by a top primer and decorative render to finish.
It was important that the creative and colourful façades matched perfectly with the LEGO colours and theme. We are delighted with the finish that the alsecco render has achieved
– Zoe Cartell, spokesperson for the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort Hotel
Our organic renders, developed on acrylic or silicone resin technology, are highly elastic and consequently resistant to surface cracking. They are also UV-stable and colour-fast, which reduces the need for future aesthetic maintenance. Our render systems meet the highest standard on the international lightfast index, a key factor in guaranteeing the vibrancy of colour for the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort hotel.