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Lansdowne Drive

Lansdowne Drive, London

Alprotect Carbon
Our work on Lansdowne Drive in London saw us win an award in the ‘Urban’ category at the Passivhaus Trust Awards 2016. We were thrilled with this recognition
Built on an urban infill site within a well-known conservation area, the project at Lansdowne Drive was designed by Tectonics Architects and handed over to the client to move into during April 2015.
We used our materials on this project, providing the external wall insulation with a clay brick slip finish to provide the structure with a stack-bond pattern masonry appearance at low-level providing a clean and contemporary appearance. Our external wall insulation system was chosen due to it having Passivhaus trust certification and it being a system that could eliminate any potential for cold bridging in the structure. It is a cost-effective solution with proven technology and excellent detailing options. It also has strong crack resistance.
I am delighted with the finished appearance of the products used, and found the alsecco installer helpful in dealing with any on-site challenges.
Bernard Tulken, Tectonics (architect)
The aim of the building design was to create a building based on simplicity, flexibility, light and character. One of the many challenges for us with this project was the fact the site was situated immediately to the north of a four-storey Victorian terrace. It also does not benefit from the direct sun from the south.
The structure was prefabricated in cross-laminated timber, erected in two days – floors, walls and roof – and insulated with wood fibre insulation – a key innovation of the project. Internally, the structural materials and their assembly are left exposed, from concrete or timber to galvanized conduits and ducts. This provides a rich sense of materiality to the interior spaces.