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HML School

Lozells, Birmingham

We were thrilled to be a part of this flagship BSF project in Birmingham. It was a great opportunity to demonstrate how effective our Ecomin 300 system can be.
The architects for this project, Archial Group, specified that approximately 2000m2 of Ecomin 300 was required for this project at HML school (which is a combination of three schools – Holte, Mayfield and Lozells). This insulation was chosen because it is a thermally-efficient, durable solution that will help to create an enhanced learning environment for pupils.
Ecomin 300, with the incorporation of mineral wool insulation, offers a high level of reinforcement and impact resistance, as well as increased fire resistance and improved thermal performance. It is also water-repellent, meaning it offers excellent weathering and durability throughout the seasons. The system can be used in conjunction with a wide variety of finishes, textures and colours, as in this case ensuring each school maintained its own identity.
The Ecomin system is ideal for educational buildings, and our design and the technical team worked closely with the architect, Bovis Lend Lease contractors, and applicators MPG Façades, to ensure that the project was delivered smoothly.
Ben Parry, Managing Director, alsecco UK Ltd
The system that we integrated at the school included mineral wool being connected to the substrate using Armatop MP adhesive and a mechanical fixing. We then added to this with Armatop A Basecoat and universal mesh, followed by the top primer and decorative render finish. The environmentally-friendly finish worked well with the wood façade and general design of the schools.