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Glebefields Health Centre

Tipton, West Midlands

Basic 1
Another chance for our products to shine came when Glebefields Health Centre in Tipton required external wall insulation as part of their £6.5 million new development.
Our highly recommended Basic 1 system was the ideal solution for Glebefields Health Centre in Tipton. This £6.5 million new development required expanded polystyrene insulation, as specified by HLM Architects. This choice of insulation was used in increased thicknesses in certain areas to create features that stood out from the panels on the building.
Basic 1 is the primary system in this range using expanded polystyrene as the insulation core. It is high performance and excellent for detailing. It is also water-repellent, cost-effective and has excellent weathering capacities. The fully acrylic or mineral-based thin coat render system provides an easyto-apply solution for effectively insulating the building. A wide variety of finishes, textures and colours can then be applied.
Our Basic 1 System was chosen based on its excellent characteristics, from being costeffective to water repellent
Ben Parry, Managing Director, alsecco UK Ltd
The 33,000 sq ft project was a joint initiative between Sandwell Primary Care Trust and developers, Sandwell Local Improvement Finance Trust Company, which built and now maintains the centre for the PCT under a long-term publicprivate partnership agreement. It incorporates a number of clinics, from foot-health to family planning, as well as dental services, a Citizen’s Advice Bureau, a pharmacy and an optician. It serves around 35,000 patients each year over two storeys.