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Clapham One PPP

Lambeth, London

Basic FS
It was another diverse and promising project when we took on Clapham One PPP in Lambeth, London and provided external insulation and render-only systems.
Clapham One PPP (Public Private Partnership) is located on Clapham High Street, and underwent a regeneration project with DLA architecture and joint partners, United House and Cathedral Group Plc.

The £29 million contract secured by United House includes a new state-of-the-art community library, primary care medical centre and 136 high-quality private sale apartments on the site of Mary Seacole’s house, first built in the 1960s.

The curved shape and absence of square corners has made for a complex building, but with the design and technical support provided by the alsecco team, we were confident the Basic FS system would prove successful.
Mike Masterson, Project Architect at DLA
For this project, we supplied 1500m2 of our Basic FS system. It was chosen, along with 160mm expanded polystyrene insulation, due to its compatibility with NHBC standards. The system incorporates a drainage cavity as a secondary line of defence against moisture and offers increased protection and crack resistance.
For the courtyard and roof terrace areas, we utilised our Flexewall Impact render-only system, which has proven flexibility and anti-crack properties. The Flexewall system used on this particular project incorporates second generation, nano-quartz self-cleaning technology, significantly reducing the need for on-going cleaning and helping to curb costs. This system is also reinforced for tensile strength and is through-coloured to withstand everyday weathering. It is also UV-stable and colour-fast.
The result is a robust design that has a dramatic impact on the aesthetics of the high street. On the facade, we used our unique carbon fibre render system, enabling the use of white render with black render on adjacent walls behind the tubular cladding. This ensured unrivalled impact strength and weathering, which is vital for such a prominent structure.